Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Trust is responsible for assuring compliance with the Indenture and, in particular, the investment restrictions therein. The Board has the power to administer the Trust and the affairs of the Trust. Generally, there are 12 members of the Board, however, under certain circumstances; the number may increase to as many as 15. The current number of Trustees is 11. Subject to the rights of the Participants as provided in the Indenture, the Board may perform such acts as in its sole judgment and discretion are necessary and proper for the administration of the Trust and the investment of the Trust property. The Board oversees, reviews, administers and supervises the activities of all consultants and professional advisors to the Trust.

COLOTRUST Board of Trustees Vison and Mission Statement

Ms. Kristen Colonell
Director of Business Services
Sheridan School District No. 2
Term Expires: 2018

Mr. Brett Ridgway
Chief Business Officer
School District 49 - Falcon
Term Expires: 2019

Mr. James Covington
County Treasurer
Lincoln County
Term Expires: 2020

Mr. James Ruthven
Reserve Metropolitan Dist. No. 1
Term Expires: 2020

Ms. Suzi DeYoung
Chief Financial Officer
Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Term Expires: 2018

Ms. Terry Schueler
Financial Services Advisor
St. Vrain Valley S.D. RE-1J
Term Expires: 2020

Mr. A.M. Dominguez, Jr.
Board Member
Colorado District Attorney’s Council
Term Expires: 2018

Mr. Steven Shipley
Finance Director
S. Suburban Parks & Rec. District
Term Expires: 2019

Ms. Brigitte Grimm
County Treasurer
Adams County
Term Expires: 2020

Mr. Scott Wright, CPA, CPFO
Asst. Town Manager
Town of Avon
Term Expires: 2019

Ms. Michelle Miller
County Treasurer & Public Trustee
Park County
Term Expires: 2019