About Colotrust

COLOTRUST is a statutory trust organized and existing under the laws of the State of Colorado and is intended solely for the use of Colorado local governments. The Trust was created on January 1, 1985 by an indenture of Trust in accordance with the "Pooling Act" which states that any county, city and county, city, town, school district, or special district, or other political subdivision of the state, or any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, or any political or public corporation of the state (a "Local Government") is authorized to pool any moneys in the treasury of such Local Government which are not required to be disbursed, with the same such moneys in the treasury of any other Local Government in order to take advantage of short-term investments and maximize net interest earnings.

COLOTRUST serves over 1,200 local government entities and has current combined assets of over $7 billion. COLOTRUST is designed to provide local governments with a convenient method for investing in short-term investments carefully chosen to provide maximum safety and liquidity, while still maximizing interest earnings. For complete details see the Trust Indenture and Information Statement.

COLOTRUST is comprised of two funds: PRIME and PLUS+. PRIME invests only in U.S. Treasury and government agencies. The largest fund is PLUS+ which can invest in U.S. Treasury, government agencies, and in the highest-rate commercial paper. Both programs carry a ‘AAAm’ rating from Standard and Poor’s.

A twelve member Board of Trustees, elected by the fund participants, is responsible for overseeing the management of COLOTRUST, including establishing operating standards and policies. Public Trust Advisors (PTA) serves as the investment advisor and administrator.